Wald #582 Folding Rear Mounted Bike Basket

Pinned on May 6, 2012 at 1:55 pm by Becky

Wald #582 Folding Rear Mounted Bike Basket

The Wald 582 sets the standard for ingenuity when it comes to rear baskets. Mounting to the side of almost any rear rack, this nimble basket is the perfect size for packing 1-2 bags of groceries while balancing your load. When not in use, the base of the basket pivots up allowing the side walls to collapse. A simple clamp at the top of the side panels keeps everything secured while the basket is folded up to one inch thick.


Shahbaz says:

I now use my bike to take small journeys where I would have wealkd or sometimes taken the car. Once a fortnight might be about right. Maybe once a week. It has also meant me doing things I wouldn’t have done before such as cycling to Steamy Dreamy with Donald after dropping his sister off at Rainbows rather than just hanging around in the car. It’s reminded me that cycling is a good thing to do and is something that I can enjoy. I even went and bought myself a better bike

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