This kind of distance bracelets are Perfect for friends going away for college! Perfect for girlfriend and boyfriend.
Best long distance relationship bracelets is the symbol that I NEED Stay connected wherever you are!
When Tim and i buy the distance bracelets even though we see each other every day
Nicy got us distance bracelets and they are the cutest things ever!!!
Tom and I are ordering “distance bracelets” because he’s about to leave for college.

Product Features

  • UEUC create this CZ Crown Distance Bracelets for allowing those apart to feel connected.Having this pair of Crown distance couple bracelet,feeling together no matter where you are & no matter how far with your lovers, Mom, dad, daughter, sister, and bestie friend. Distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but so sweet when knowing you are missing each other at all times.
  • Natural wishing healing stones.The Black Matte Agate with Crown for the “PRINCE” shows his masculine and energy, could help to release stress. The White Howlite with Croen for the “PRINCESS”shows her pure and beauty, help her to be healthy and lucky.
  • The distance couple bracelets are comfortable wearing, Elastic (Stretchy) Band made to fit MOST people, Perfect for couples, best friends, and family.
  • The Price is for two CZ Crown distance couple bracelets.One is for man,the other one is for woman.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We’ll replace or refund if any quality issues or even you are not satisfied. No risk no problem for you.Please free connect with us.

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