U2U New Mini Size Black Bible Cross Titanium Steel Pendant Necklace with Chains.How to maintain the stainless steel jewelry? 1. Frequently wipe the surface with a soft cloth; 2.Avoid the violent collision; 3.Avoid the sun prolonged exposure; 4. Long time not using, please place it in a cool, dry, soft jewelry box. Returns and refunds: We accept any form of return, please contact us, the project is delivered within 10 working days,After receive the return item, we would refund the balance after deducting the shipping cost to your account within three days If you have any comments or suggestions for our services, please contact us first, we would be very grateful.

Product Features

  • Brand:U2U
  • Dimension:L1.93*W1.34*H0.12(inches)
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Language:English Chains:2
  • Location:USA

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