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That depends on the reltsuoion that you will choose. Canon A710IS has 6 different reltsuoions to choose from:a) Large, (3072 x 2304)b) Middle1, (2592 x 1944)c) Middle 2, (2048 x 1536)d) Middle 3, (1600 x 1200)e) Small, (640 x 480)f) Wide, (3072 x 1728)Each of these reltsuoions are also classified as to Superfine, Fine and Normal.Best quality would be 3072 x 2304 at Superfine quality and size of one picture is approximately 3MB file size. So that will give you roughly 624 pictures for your 2GB memory card. However, you don’t need to save at this large size unless you intend to print your picture in an A3 size to get good quality.Smallest size would be 640 x 480 at Normal quality, size of which is approx. 84kB file size so that will save you 17,260 pictures.To give you an idea of the size of each classification, please see the table below:1) Large, 3072 x 2304 a) Superfine3.0 MB b) Fine 1.9 MB c) Normal902 KB2) Wide (16:9), 3072 x 1728 a) Superfine2.3 MB b) Fine 1.4 MB c) Normal 678 KB3) Middle 1, 2592 x 1944 a) Superfine2.4 MB b) Fine 1.5 MB c) Normal 695 KB4) Middle 2, 2048 x 1536 a) Superfine1.6 MB b) Fine 893 KB c) Normal 445 KB5) Middle 3, 1600 x 1200 a) Superfine1002 KB b) Fine 558 KB c) Normal 278 KB6) Small, 640 x 480 a) Superfine249 KB b) Fine150 KB c) Normal84 KB