Classic smooth black velvet outside and silk like satin ribbon ties give a
luxurious feel and look that’s better than leather (which is too bulky and too heavy). The ribbons keep the roll tight but even if it does roll apart, the quality zippers ensure nothing escapes!

Pockets are not so large that you can’t reach the bottom of any pouch. This isn’t a giant roll hanging on the wall and doubling up as a makeup bag. This is a made-for-purpose roll up bag purely for keeping your jewellery stored, protected and easily accessible anywhere.

Easy organization means you won’t have to untangle your necklaces and you won’t lose rings to the bottom of a case somewhere on your travels.

No more hassle with a ring holder that is the wrong size as there isn’t one! The ring holder replaced by 3 nifty pockets especially for rings and tiny items like a stud earring.

Keep your jewelry with you no matter where you are. For example, you may want to keep this portable jewellery case at the office for when you transition from work to play and don’t have time to rush home first.

The simple contemporary elegant design is just as suitable for men (watch and cufflinks for example) as women or even for the younger members of the family. In fact it’s the next step up for the young teen moving from a jewelry box with ballerina to a most sophisticated look for jewelry organization.

This is a great idea for a luxury gift for bridesmaids, Christmas, birthdays, Mothers Day or occasions.

Perfect as a jewelry bead organizer.

Our products have a 100% GUARANTEE. Do away with old-fashioned drawer and tray or the old stand and BUY yourself the best luxury jewelry roll up today.

Jewelry not included.

Product Features

  • Easily packed jewelry soft traveling case that folds flat or rolls up to take as little storage space as possible in your bags.
  • 5 pockets for large and small items. The 2 larger pockets are different sizes so chunky necklaces or earrings will fit in no problem. Ideal for both a weekend trip or a longer holiday.
  • Clear plastic over each pouch makes it easy to find the accessories you want without fuss or bother – better than mesh which catches on hooks and studs.
  • The soft plastic won’t harden or break over time and is soft enough to bend easily when rolled up – and everything is on display in front of you.
  • Imagine a small clutch bag and this is roughly the size of the organizer. Look at the images for the rulers to give you an accurate view of the actual size of the roll. This is not like the very large Prezerve organizers. It’s an elegant item with full functionality

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