High quality authentic boning corset (Retail Price is more than $300). Sexy velvet, fully lined with 100% cotton. Style lifts and supports the bust, draws in waist. Great style for outwear. Back lacing with steel front busk closure. The corset has 14 steel bones to help you achieve that hour glass figure. 10 spiral steel bones and 4 rigid steel bones around the grommets for reinforcement for tighter lacing. Bi-directional back lacing cinches inches off the waistline. 3 inches wide back panel (lacing guard). Color: Black (Color available: Black, Blue, Green, Red). Style:Overbust. How do I select the right size? It is our recommendation to order the size that is 10 plus your natural waist measurement. For example, if the measurement around the narrowest part of your relaxed waist is 30″, you would typically order your corset in size 40.Plus size corset is available. Our corsets fit waist up to 46 inches. Please see our size chart for detail.

List Price:$250.00

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