The profile of a sitting lion represents justice and inscribed underneath is the word “Spero” which means “Hope in Latin”. The pieces in the Pyrrha line are cast in reclaimed silver and hand made in Canada. Each design has a symbolic meaning culled from family heraldry.

Product Features

  • The lion is a symbol of courage, justice and wisdom. This talisman reads ‘Spero’, which means ‘I Hope’ in Latin.
  • Pieces in the Pyrrha collection are cast in reclaimed sterling silver, bronze and 14k yellow gold using authentic 18th and 19th century wax impressions and imagery. Every design has a symbolic meaning culled from heraldry
  • This talisman is paired with an 18 inch oxidized sterling silver Pyrrha branded curb chain
  • Designed and handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada
  • Comes with a hand torn meaning card

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