Orca RS1 Swim-Run Triathlon Wetsuit – Women’s Size L Color Black

Orca RS1 Swim-Run Triathlon Wetsuit - Women's Size L Color Black
If you’re looking for a durable wetsuit designed specifically for the swim/run race events that will give you the flexibility and buoyancy required for the swim, while not compromising on the freedom of movement and storage that is essential for the run. VERSATILITY – Fullsleeve neoprene arms with cutting guidelines for modifying the sleeve length means the ideal sleeve length can be achieved for individual requirements. Back and front zips make transition a breeze and allow for greater freedom of movement in the run. FLEXIBILITY – 2mm arm and crotch panels make this suit super flexy for not only the swim, but also the run so there is no bulky neoprene getting in the way of your stride. BUOYANCY – 8mm front leg panels provide the buoyancy required to be in the best swimming position in the water. DURABILITY – Anti-abrasion DuraSkin butt panel protects the suit if the inevitable slipping and sliding should happen. STORAGE – Handy inner front pockets provide storage of race compulsories like GPS. Size L Color Black
List Price: $ 398.95
Price: $ 398.95