High quality temporary tattoos and no toxic. F.D.A, EN71, ASTM or CE approval. Non-toxic.
Can be freely used on skin, glass, pottery, metal and other smooth & clear surface. Fashionable, eye catching designs.
Make people sexy and mysterious by applying the patterns to the body anywhere (face, necks, legs, waist, breast etc) you want in the events, parties, bikini swimming and use to cover scars as well. Long lasting for 5~7 days.
Warning: Don’t apply to sensitive skin. Nor for children under 3years .
How to use it
1.Cut out tattoo of choice and remove clear sheet
2.Place tattoo face down on skin
3.Wet the tattoo thoroughly with asponge
4.After 20-30 seconds, gently remove the backing paper
5.Allow the tatto to dry How to Remove Body Sticker Use cold cream, baby oil or the sticky side of adhesive tape.

Product Features

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