This Hitech 3-hour quick charger is great for digital cameras using AA size batteries and other gadgets such as wireless mice / MP3 players / toys. It charges 2000mAh AA battery in 2.8 hours and 2400mAh AA battery in 3.5 hours. The charger comes with a built-in LCD screen which shows the charging and discharging status for each battery. And its beeper function reminds you when the charging process is completed. The charger automatically switches to trickle charge mode upon completion of charge. It can charge AA / AAA Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries. The charger can also detect bad and alkaline batteries. The package comes with a charger, adaptor, car adapter, battery case and 4 AA Ni-MH 2400mAh batteries. The car adapter allows you to charge batteries in car. Package is sealed in plastic clam shell packaging (please refer to pictures) and is an excellent gift. Charging Current: AA 1000mA, AAA 500mA, trickle charge 100mA for AA, 50mAh for AAA. The kit also comes with a battery case. Battery case protects the batteries from being shorted, keeps the batteries in place, and fits easily in pockets and camera bags.

List Price:$31.99

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