Everyone is saddled with a heavy cross, in the slow and difficult progress toward the destination. 

The day, there is a person suddenly stopped. He thought to himself: This cross is too heavy, so carrying it, and have come to what year and what month ah? ! 

So he took out a knife and made a surprising decision: he decided to cut some of the cross. He really did, and began to cut the cross After the cut to go up, is indeed a lot easier, he could not help but accelerated pace. 

Thus, if we walked and walked and walked away, but also Zouliaohenjiu a long long, long time. He wanted to: Although just cut a piece of the cross, but it is still too heavy. To be able to faster and easier than the first row, this time, he decided to cross and then cut a chunk. He also began to chop. . . 

As a result, he suddenly felt a lot easier! So he effortlessly went to the team at the top. 

For everyone to see: when other people are struggling to pre-load And when he does, but it can easily walk and humming a song! 

Suddenly appeared in front of a deep and wide gully! Groove there is no bridge, there is no way around. He, how should we do? !

The people behind the slowly catching up. They bear the cross with their own ride in the ditch on the bridge made, leisurely crossed the gully. He can only helplessly look at others and regret his behavior. 

In fact, each of us every day are burdened with a variety of crosses, in a difficult forward. It may be our study, perhaps it is our job, perhaps it is our emotions, perhaps we must assume the responsibilities and obligations. However, it is these responsibilities and obligations on which we in this world.

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Product Features

  • The fashion beautiful cross pendant, Quality Stainless Steel as the Material
  • FYWIN cross pendant, fine workmanship, Nice Show of Your Belief in Christianity.
  • The cross is 3.3 inches long and 1.7 inches wide.39 g in weight.
  • The FYWIN cross pendant adopts a fine lantern chain, the chain length is 24 inches, and the extension chain is 4 inches, satisfying your various needs and long-term ownership.
  • 100-Day Money Back Guarantee or Exchange.choose Fulfilled by FBA, you will get an extra black velvet pouch.

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