Centered around the Star of Solomon and inscribed with the Tetragramaton, the Holy Hebrew Name of God, the Dragon Guardians serve as a reminder of the potency of this powerful protective amulet. For Physical and Psychic Protection.

These fabulous gothic style pieces are an exquisite mixture of darkness and beauty, finished in silver and gold and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Each piece comes with a chain and is presented in a lined velvet Forbidden pouch. Empowerment and Cleansing Instruction Leaflet included.

Product Features

  • Forbidden Sacred Dragon Amulet Gothic Pendant for Physical and Psychic Protection
  • Includes Empowerment and Cleansing Ritual
  • Finished in silver and gold.
  • Comes with a 20″ Chain in Velvet Forbidden Pouch.
  • Approximate Size: 2½” x 2½”,