Buy Final Fantasy for Nintendo (NES) and relive the excitement of a world far different from our own a world governed by four light orbs which have mysteriously gone dark. The beginning of Final Fantasy tells of an old prophecy in which four Light Warriors will carry each of the four darkened orbs across the lands of the Elves Dragons Mermaids and Robots to liberate towns rescue princesses and deliver special objects that will in the end restore light to the orbs and end the long time of evil and darkness on the world. When you buy Final Fantasy you will be able to travel by foot air and sea to fight bosses and enemies in dungeons and forests pass through towns to acquire necessary items and knowledge of spells and follow clues to find treasure chests holding extremely prized objects. The world cannot wait much longer buy Final Fantasy for Nintendo (NES) today and begin your quest to restore the world of peace and light!

Product Features

  • Classic fantasy RPG
  • Save the world from darkness
  • Direct a party of four characters in the fight against evil
  • Simple, compelling gameplay
  • For one player