[Ages 10 and Up] Nature Has Never Been This Accessible … Or This Exciting. A highly visual, interactive encyclopedia that will take you on an exhiliarating journey through the world of nature! Perfect for students, naturalists, or for anyone interested in live on Earth in all its glorious diversity. Get a Unique Perspective on Nature! – Look at the world through the eyes of different animals in Animal Vision or math animal and plants with their microscopic image in Amazing Close-Ups. See and Hear the Secrets of the Nature World! – Enter beautifully rendered 3D habitats to learn more about the plants and animals that inhabit them. Zoom in and out, move up and down, and click on any animal or plant to learn more about each species’ characteristics. In-Depth Information! – More than 1,800 article screens and pop-ups provide a wealth of detailed information. Benefits: Learn how to classify plants and animals; Explore the world’s major habitats; Learn about plant and animal cycles and ecosystems; Study animals in danger and threatened habitats.

Product Features

  • For Ages 10 and Up
  • Windows 3.1/95/98
  • Macintosh OS 7/8