Store up to 28 bottles of your best wine under optimum conditions in this EdgeStar Thermoelectric Wine Cooler. While your wine enjoys the optimal temperature and humidity conditions within this wine cooler, you get a wine cooler in one of the most stylish finishes available. This thermoelectric wine cooler features a premium metallic silver finish door trim with double paned tempered glass. The tinted glass door protects your wine from harmful light, plus the door features a pro-style towel bar handle. The interior of the wine cooler features 6 scalloped chrome shelves to best cradle and display your wine.

Internal dimensions:
Height: 23 3/4″
Depth: 13 1/2″
Height between shelves: 3 1/2″

External dimensions:
Height: 28 1/2″
Width: 18″
Depth: 20 1/2″

List Price:$150.00

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