CompresSport TR3 Brutal Triathlon Short – Women’s

CompresSport TR3 Brutal Triathlon Short - Women's
In the feminine range of triathlon wear comes the TR3 Brutal Short. Wrapping, compressing strategic areas and strengthening thighs, this women`s tri suit guarantees real support and postural alignment, it absorbs shocks and limits muscle vibrations. Muscle wear and tear is minimized, performance is enhanced and recovery is accelerated. PRODUCT DETAILS An exclusive sewing technique makes it comfortable to wear and solid, thus preventing any chafing. On the saddle, it`s maximum grip guaranteed. While compressing strategic areas it minimizes pains and injuries, making recovery easier and faster Targeted compression prevents toxins build-up, oxygenates blood and activated blood circulation. To stock your gels, energy tablets or smartphone, an ergonomically designed, easily accessible pocket, does the job A V-shape belt secures the abdominal area and minimizes low-back fatigue The V-Shape stabilizes the belt, relieving pressure on the stomach. Postural alignment of the hips and buttocks gives a balanced position all through the activity. Your brutal short breathes with you through colds and chills and in so doing helps you save energy. You ladies will find inside this technical and comfortable compression short an ultra-slim pad that prevents discomfort and fits perfectly your shape. After effort, the Brutal Short eases recovery as it assists in releasing lactic acid. Lactic acids being eliminated easily, muscles and joints do not get inflamed and aches are reduced. Recovery is complete! TECHNOLOGY HYDRO-PHOBIC – The water-repellent fiber wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. No more uncomfortable heavy, damp clothing that irritates and doesn’t dry. LUNAR-POCKET – This clever opening doubles up as a pocket for gels, energy bars and even your smart phone! The convenient ergonomic design is great for trail running, avoiding unnecessary movement when reaching for your nutrition, even during fast downhill running or hard ascents. MASSAGING-FIBER – Every movement triggers a micromassage providing well being and lightness Patented fiber SEAMLESS – For optimum comfort, the microfiber is 100% seamless, lightweight and very soft. SHOCK-ABSORBER – The 360 compression dampens the “shock wave” effect on muscles, veins and joints. THERMO-REGULATION – The ERAMICS “mirror effect” activates the microcirculation on the surface of the skin (+92%) and leads to better thermoregulation (+51%). V-BELT – Maximum comfort of the abdominal muscles while providing great support by absorbing shocks in the lower back fatigue areas. The V Shape of the belt will prevent any pressure on the stomach for optimal comfort. VENTILATION-ZONE – The targeted positioning of the mesh structures on the shoulders evacuate body heat and sweat meaning you stay dry regardless of the outside temperature and the intensity and duration of the effort. ULTRALIGHT – Your COMPRESSPORT does not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions. LOWCUTANTIABDOMINAL – Maximize the efficiency and comfort of abdomen area. TRIATHLONPAD – Inside, the ultra-thin Triathlon pad (exclusive COMPRESSPORT design) absorbs shocks when cycling and running.
List Price: $ 108.95
Price: $ 108.95