From the most mysterious and mystical place in the world, own a piece of history! The ultimate conversation piece for your home or office. Ceremonial ritual relic.

The magic of the Magical Dagger comes from the effect that the material object has on the realm of the spirit. The art of tantric magicians or lamas lies in their visionary ability to comprehend the spiritual energy of the material object and to willfully focus it in a determined direction. . . The tantric use of the phurba encompasses the curing of disease, exorcism, killing demons, meditation, consecrations (puja), and weather-making. The blade of the phurba is used for the destruction of demonic powers. The top end of the phurba is used by the tantrikas for blessings.

Without the phurba inside himself, the shaman has no consciousness…’The shaman himself is the phurba; he assumes its form in order to fly into other worlds and realities.
Therefore to extrapolate, the k?la is identified with consciousness and the root of sentience, the buddha-nature.

Alexandra David Neel writes 100 years ago while traveling in Tibet about a recently dead Lama whose phurba was misbehaving. The other Lamas tried to put it in a box, but it would not stay. It was seen flying through the air attacking both animals and humans. The order decided to banish it to the wilderness. They met Ms Neel on their journey and told her of all the misdeeds around a fire that night. She asked to keep the phurba and walked off from the group to meditate upon it. A lama appeared and tried to take it from her. She fought him and won. Returning to the others around the fire she demanded to know which of the Lamas had followed her and tried to take the phurba, but none had left the campfire. They had been so scared that they were urinating right there in camp, afraid to go beyond the fire. This was confirmed by her traveling companions. She had been fighting the dead Lama for his phurba.

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  • Antique and Collectible1850-1899
  • One Of A Kind Unusual & Exotic Gift
  • Sacred Cultural Relic to Benefit All Sentient Beings
  • Home or Office Display to Support Free Tibet & Nepal
  • 20 x 6.25 x 1 Inches TantricBuddhistRelics ***** Rating