Designed for photographers on the go. The locking case keeps all items safe from dirt or dust contamination. The compact kit conveniently fits into camera bags or a jacket pocket. Canon Lens Cleaning Fluid – A few drops of lens cleaning fluid on a piece of tissue is the recommended way to eliminate hard to remove spots, such as dried water marks, heavy smudges or oils, from the lens surface. The lens cleaning fluid has been specially formulated for use on multi-coated lenses and filters. < #> Premium Grade Lens Tissue meets Federal Specifcation NNN-P-40B. < #> Canon Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth – Ideal for removing smudges or fingerprints. Scientifically designed fibers clean more efficiently than standard cloth materials. Extra thick and soft. Safe for all lenses and LCD screens < #> Canon EF Lens Brush – Use to remove larger dust or dirt particles from the lens surface. Extremely soft and safe for all lenses. Brush retracts for clean, safe storage

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