Drain maintenance is mainly regular cleaning to keep clean floor drain, floor drain and then promptly clean up the debris inside. Since the cause of the problem as well as the shooting of a computer monitor, the picture color slightly color, specific kind prevail. T-type floor drain core, due to design reasons, to leak when the core work will be weak voice is normal and does not affect normal use, the product non-crafts, a slight flaw does not affect the normal use of the normal range. Can not guarantee 100% perfect, perfectionist carefully shot Returns Our measurements due to personal issues arising shall not bear the freight.

Product Features

  • Anti-odor, anti-anti-overflow, anti-cockroach, anti-mouse, anti-jam, anti-virus, anti-dry.
  • Large second layer stainless steel filter – jewelry protection network, valuables more secure.
  • Drain water through a small bezel has opened automatically, usually automatically closed, effectively blocking odor mosquitoes.
  • We all goods taken in kind, due to the different light shooting or computer monitor resolution which led to a little color, please mainly in kind. Color has been the subject of a network of trade can not be avoided, we also try to control, let us agree to buy.
  • We sold the products are not perfect impeccable, please carefully weigh the baby based on market prices and descriptions to ensure inexpensive goods.