blueseventy Sprint Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit – Women’s Size MS Color Black/Blue

blueseventy Sprint Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit - Women's Size MS Color Black/Blue
The new blueseventy Sprint Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit for women ups the ante of what an entry-level wetsuit should be. blueseventy studied the competition. They spoke to beginners and seasoned athletes. They moved seam lines, added buoyancy, improved flexibility and added some exciting features not available in the rest of their wetsuit line. The result is a suit that sets the standard for how an athlete’s first wetsuit should fit, perform and feel. Because how you feel out in the open water is everything. BETTER RUBBER – Building a better suit starts with the rubber. The 2015 edition of the Sprint has been upgraded to 100% Yamamoto #38 cell rubber. Yamamoto is a premier manufacturer of neoprene and #38 makes the Sprint an affordable entry that doesn’t sacrifice buoyancy or comfort. SUPER COMPOSITE SKIN (SCS) – The new Sprint is SCS coated in the legs to provide a protective barrier against fingernails, wetsuit strippers and other enemies of triathlon wetsuits. LOWERED COLLAR – Over twenty years of wetsuit design experience has made blueseventy’s traditional zipper an industry standard. The curved closure flap reduces rear collar height improving comfort and reducing chafing. BUOYANCY – The new Sprint was built off a modified version of the popular Fusion suit. This design lifts the lower half of the body in the water improving body position creating less drag, more speed while conserving energy. FLEXIBILITY – No other entry level wetsuit features thin 1.5mm Yamamoto high quality neoprene in the arm and arm gussets. blueseventy-core-neoprene-swim-short -irowst2360-15 Built with the same top of the line materials as blueseventy’s award winning Helix, the Unisex Core Neoprene Swim Short is designed to simulate the lift of a wetsuit resulting in a seamless adjustment to swimming on race day. It will improve distance per stroke, speed and body position all without the bulk and drag of a pull buoy. No longer are you limited in the strokes you can do. It provides improved swimming in all four strokes while allowing natural kick, hip rotation and turning. The core short is positioned to become the next great training tool for swimmers and triathletes of all abilities. It is durable and designed to withstand hours of pool and open water use. HIGHLY BOUYANT – Super buoyant Aerodome rubber in the front, premium Yamamoto neoprene in the back and thinner side panels to promote rotation. INSTANT FEEDBACK – Bright orange graphics on the hips provide immediate feedback to the swimmer and coach on the pool deck of proper hip rotation. COMFORT – High quality jersey liner including our signature orange jersey makes taking the core short on and off a breeze. HYDROPHOBIC – SCS coating makes the core short durable and hydrophobic. Longer length provides additional buoyancy. Higher back limits water entry during turns. Drawstring at waist secures fit. Size MS Color Black/Blue
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