Bring back your jewelry’s beauty!

Now your jewelry can sparkle and shine just like it did the day you brought it home for the
very first time. Who wants dull-looking jewelry anyway? This Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
from Belmint helps keep all your best pieces looking new. 42,000Hz ultrasonic waves offer
100% damage-free cleaning, and this versatile unit handles other delicate objects as
well, including waterproof watches, antique coins and more. Professional jewelers rely on
ultrasonic machines to get their pieces showroom-ready, and now you can, too.

Regular water. Ravishing results.

Your jewelry cleaner requires no distilled or filtered water to achieve its beautiful
deep-cleaning effects. Simply fill the tank with regular tap water, which keeps the
chemicals away from your precious jewelry and the costs away from your wallet.

5 cleaning cycles. 4 cleaning modes.

The cleaner’s digital timer makes it easy to exercise total control by choosing one
of five time cycles: 90, 180, 280, 380 or 480 seconds. Multiple cleaning modes such
as deep clean and partial clean are also available at the touch of a button.

Room for large pieces. Protection for delicates.

Belmint’s jewelry cleaner is built with a generously sized 25-ounce stainless steel
tank, which means it can take just about any piece of jewelry. A watch/bracelet
stand and basket are also included to help protect your pieces during operation.

Designed to Never Waste Power

An auto shut-off feature ensures your jewelry cleaner runs as long as it needs to
run – and no longer. Once your selected cleaning cycle is complete and your
jewelry is all asparkle, the transparent, evaporation-free cover lifts automatically.

Product Features

  • 42,000Hz of Deep-Cleansing Ultrasonic Waves Gently Lift Dust, Dirt, Grime & More
  • Jewelry-Safe Design Cleans Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Glasses, Watches & Coins
  • 4 Cleaning Modes Include General, Enhanced, Partial Cleaning & Deep Cleaning
  • Large-Capacity Stainless Steel Tank Holds 600ml (25 Fluid Ounces) for Items of Size
  • Quiet, Distraction-Free Operation Involves No Rotary Motors or Noisy Moving Parts

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