Mix Glowing Color Palettes to Create Stunning Jewelry

Learn to approach color as a painter does, only your palette will be rainbow-hued beads, and your paintings will be spectacular jewelry you can wear! Beaded Colorways shows you how to mix beads and gems to create custom color blends called Bead Soups. These soups are then woven together into dazzling pieces that are more like works of art than simple jewelry. You’ll even learn how to seamlessly stitch from one color to another, helping you create stunning multicolor jewelry.

Beverly Gilbert teaches you to create your own stunning beaded works of art through:

  • In-depth discussions about color theory&#151accompanied by color wheels&#151allowing you to turn beads into your medium and make jewelry your canvas
  • Clear photos and step-by-step instructions guide you through beadweaving techniques&#151including netting, peyote and freeform stitches&#151letting you create truly unique jewelry
  • 18 projects that include a mix of materials to add even more texture: gems, beach glass, ribbon and metal all make their way into stunning creations

Let Beaded Colorways start your artistic beading journey.