Aqua Sphere Energize Triathlon Suit – Women’s Size 30 Color Black/Pink

Aqua Sphere Energize Triathlon Suit - Women's Size 30 Color Black/Pink
Incorporating properties from the speedsuit, which are designed to maximize speed and efficiency during the swim, the Energize TriSuit is designed to Carry you through the bike and run. Designed specifically for Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon’s, the anatomical shaped panels targets specific core muscles and offers a comfortable, contoured fit. Dynamix high-compression fabric for longevity and active recovery Comfortable silicone leg grips prevent ride-up Zipped back pocket for easy storage and access to nutrition Bioactive Fleece Chamois Water repellent Antibacterial Comfort – bike Discreet – run Technical Specs/Technologies: Energize Compression featuring Dynamix – The Energize Compression range was designed to protect the core muscles and improve performance. Utilizing Aqua Sphere’s Dynamix high-compression textile, the Energize range offers active recovery during the swim, resulting in improved bike and run performance. Swimming is a natural form of active recovery as it soothes and reduces muscle tissue inflammation. The addition of a compression suit to a swimming workout further aids the recovery process by limiting core muscle vibrations and improving efficiency through a more streamlined body. Size 30 Color Black/Pink
List Price: $ 199.95
Price: $ 199.95