A combination of old world charm and modern design, the gorgeous crystal music box with dragon feet is a perfect addition to any home. The overall design is based on minimalistic approach when sometimes less is in fact, more. Balanced on feet designed around the concept of a dragon and showcased inside a crystal enclosure is an 30 note mechanical movement, the magic behind a music box’s timeless appeal. The crystal itself plays into 2 key roles. The obvious being the characteristics of a transparent enclosure, typically associated with exhibits of priceless objects. This enables one to marvel at the inner workings that produces the distinctive sound. The other role being a catalyst in amplifying sound. Every time a note on the comb is struck, the sound reverberates off the crystal panels producing a much clearer and harmonious tone. For added convenience, an “on and off” switch is discreetly placed in the front center of the music box in the form of a brass sphere. The wonders of sound will soon fill the room with a melody that only a precision mechanical movement can produce. It will sure bring moments of tranquility time and time again. With over 380+ tunes available, you’re sure to find that perfect melody. Please see “item options” for available tunes or visit our “listening station” for all song titles as well as sample clips. Thank you very much for your interest in our products! Your satisfaction is always guaranteed at the Attic!Dimensions: Length – 5.75″ Width – 4.75 ” Height – 3″