Give your dog a leg up. Your dog relies on you for guidence, you are his master, so you are the one to show him how to act in the world around him. Here is a list that has been compiled with every dog in mind. Take a look at them and try them out with your dog.

1. Before receiving any kind of special treat, make him work for it. This includes his dinner and his walks.

2. Ample exercise is important. Ensure that your dog gets plenty of daily exercise.

3. To keep your dogs brain busy, try putting your dog’s meals or treats in a treat toy.

4. Prepare your dog for an emergency situation. Work on making sure your dog knows a few emergency commands very well.

5. To maximize your dog’s success, work on recalls every single day.

Every single dog can benefit from all of these tips. It is best to try one of these ideas at a time. Try each one for 2 or 3 weeks to keep you dog busy, then, once he has one down, try another, then build upon them slowly until it becomes a regular routine for both of you.